By Jack D. Cowan, Gerald Tesauro, Joshua Alspector (Editors)

Lawsuits of the once a year meetings on Advances in Neural details Processing platforms. Volumes 7 and later can be found from The MIT Press.

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Mary 2003). Condition or status dependence may influence which individuals end up developing particular alternative tactics if fitness and condition are correlated. So far we have been viewing selection for alternative phenotypes as resulting from individuals taking different routes to acquire the same resource such as mates. A different perspective views the habitat as heterogeneous and sees alternative phenotypes within one population as adaptations to different niches (Waltz and Wolf 1984, Via 1994, Sku´lason and Smith 1995, Smith and Sku´lason 1996, Mathias and Kisdi 2002).

Mating Systems and Strategies. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Simmons, L. , Teale, R. , et al. 1992. Some costs of reproduction for male bush-crickets, Requena verticalis (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae): allocating resources to mate attraction and nuptial feeding. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 31, 57–62. Sinervo, B. 2001. Runaway social games, genetic cycles driven by alternative male and female strategies, and the origin of morphs. Genetica 112, 417–434. Sinervo, B. and Lively, C.

Why are alternative phenotypes sometimes controlled by a genetic polymorphism, sometimes by maternal factors, and sometimes by a condition-dependent switch in the individual? With sex allocation this is a question about the evolution of sex-determining mechanisms. With alternative life histories and mating tactics, this is a question about the evolution of gene–environment interactions, such as reaction norms and phenotypic plasticity. (3) Evolution of phenotype flexibility and rigidity. Why are some phenotypes irreversible and others not?

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