By T. Nakajima, B. Žemva, A. Tressaud

This ebook summarizes fresh progresses in inorganic fluorine chemistry. Highlights comprise new facets of inorganic fluorine chemistry, reminiscent of new artificial equipment, buildings of recent fluorides and oxide fluorides, their actual and chemical houses, fluoride catalysts, floor variations of inorganic fabrics by means of fluorination technique, new power conversion fabrics and commercial purposes.

Fluorine has really precise homes (highest electronegativity; very small polarizability). actually, fluorine is so reactive that it varieties fluorides with all components other than with the lightest noble gases helium, neon and argon. initially, because of its excessive reactivity, fluoride chemistry confronted many technical problems and remained undeveloped for a few years. Now, notwithstanding, quite a few fluorine-containing fabrics are at present produced for useful makes use of on an business scale and their purposes are quickly extending to many fields.

Syntheses and constitution analyses of thermodynamically volatile high-oxidation-state fluorides have tremendously contributed to inorganic chemistry during this decade. Fluoride catalysts and floor transformations utilizing fluorine are constructing a brand new box of fluorine chemistry and may allow new syntheses of varied compounds. The study on inorganic fluorides is now contributing to many chemical power conversion techniques akin to lithium batteries. additionally, new theoretical methods to selecting the digital buildings of fluorine compounds also are progressing. at the business entrance, using inorganic fluorine compounds is consistently expanding, for instance, in semi-conductor undefined.

"Advanced Inorganic Fluorides: Synthesis, Characterization and functions" makes a speciality of those new good points in inorganic fluorine chemistry and its commercial functions. The authors are impressive specialists of their fields, and the contents of the ebook should still turn out to be of invaluable counsel to all chemists, graduates, scholars and researchers within the box of fluorine chemistry.

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