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Rights are easy development blocks of the modern country, but their rigorous justification is hard. This e-book presents an intensive research of this principal subject, and demanding situations the orthodox view that rights are a kind of estate declare in one's physique. Drawing at the culture of the social agreement in addition to the wealth of modern paintings in political conception, Ingram conceives of rights as a kind of political declare, and exhibits how they are often justified in a fashion rather fitted to the pluralistic nature of latest liberal society.

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But another solution to the problem suggests itself. This is to vest power equally in individuals but in such a way that it cannot be taken without their consent and they cannot freely transfer all of it to another. This would prevent any rightful development of unfettered central power through prescription or alienation. Suppose we think that selfownership is the relevant principle of power distribution. Then individual citizens would be free to control their own lives, transferring to a defensive state only as much power as was necessary for them to retain control over their persons and powers.

76 People find themselves unequal with respect to their abilities to satisfy their needs and to live the lives they wish for themselves. Those with few or no holdings of their own are entirely dependent on others for their sustenance. Unless they wish to starve or live on charity, they must sell their labour for 76 I am indebted to the analysis of G. A. Cohen, ‘Self-Ownership, World Ownership, and Equality: Part II’, 77–8. 40 SELF-OWNERSHIP whatever it will fetch. Evidently, there is very great potential in this situation for economic exploitation and invasions of moral independence.

Universal Declaration, art. 22: ‘Everyone . . is entitled to realization, through national effort and international co-operation . . ’ 81 Eric Mack, ‘Distributive Justice and the Tensions of Lockeanism’, 135. 82 Hillel Steiner, ‘Capitalism, Justice and Equal Starts’. 83 I use the terms ‘welfare’, ‘welfarism’, ‘welfarist’ to refer to the view that individuals have rights against their society as a whole to certain material and cultural resources, for example, those laid out as economic and social rights in the international code.

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