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G. ). e. the distinctive, constitutive feature of the Metatron-conception : the basis for the formation of the Metatron-conception has been already given. 3-2 INTRODUCTION 36 involved, and has been thus involved by later followers of Gratz the following observations may be made : With regard with Enoch Metatron in the Talmud not identified to point (i) does not necessarily prove that the identification of Enoch and Metatron belongs to the post-Talmudic period. The this aversion of the Rabbis, 1 especially those ultimately responsible for the fixing of the text of the Talmud, constitutes a sufficient reason why they should have eliminated, as much as possible, any trace of a glorification of Enoch, which might have obtained in the mystic sources from which they drew, with reserve, of the Metatron-conception.

The Ga'onic time, mainly, as he de- on the grounds "dass die darin herrschenden Vorstellungen Zeitalter unbekannt waren, theils von Talmudischen Autoritaten perhorresciert wurden". His arguments clares, dem Talmudischen theils are: (i) Talmud not identified with Enoch. In an angel existing already at the creation (Gratz Tos. Yeb. e. the passages on the Prince of Metatron is Talmud Metatron cites in the is the World). Enoch, on the other hand, is in Talmudic times so little glorified as to be put on the list of the wicked or regarded as a 'Schwankender', sometimes righteous, at other times wicked.

3 En. i6 5 ; 5 10 . Cf . 3 En. ^ 3 - 5 > 13 > u . " (cf. Gen. R. xi. 2, xii. 4, 5 including the generation of J ^nos); attr. to R. '^El'azar. " God created heaven by mixing water and fire" (Baraipa). " Ib. By ten things the world was Ch. 42. '" ('Abba tained by Ib. ). Ch. 4i 3 " : the whole world is sus- Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Prudence, Meekness and Righteousness". The same idea is put forth in ch. 8. On this point Hag. seems to represent a more developed stage than our book. See notes ad loca.

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